Saturday, August 2, 2014

In Memory of Sarah's Guernseys

Sarah had Guernseys when she was a teenager and in 4-H. 
 I always loved their soft eyes and their gentle personality (well most of the time).

Bridgmont Boar Goat

This Mama is one of our 40 or so Boar goats.
  I think she's got a little grin going there? Looking pretty content, I think.

Amherst Chicken

If you've ever raised chickens, you know this haughty look.
Like, "excuse me, but you're walking in my dinner".
And then she just strutted off.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Strawbale Sugarhouse II

I did it again.  I changed the sky some and the hills and the shadows and the colors, so I guess maybe I have a new painting of an old subject.  It was great fun.

Field of Poppies

I guess it's the color that keeps bringing me back to creating yet another field of poppies.  What else requires the use of such rich and vibrant colors? I tried to capture the breeze in this painting; the movement and the freedom of the flowers in the breeze.

Proud Sheep

One of Bob and Ann Barowski's handsome sheep.   Love the attitude and attention.

Summer cow

I think this cow had decided that I wasn't going to give her anything worth her time to eat, so she was looking around for anything more interesting than me.