Friday, December 6, 2013

Strawbale Sugarhouse II

I did it again.  I changed the sky some and the hills and the shadows and the colors, so I guess maybe I have a new painting of an old subject.  It was great fun.

Field of Poppies

I guess it's the color that keeps bringing me back to creating yet another field of poppies.  What else requires the use of such rich and vibrant colors? I tried to capture the breeze in this painting; the movement and the freedom of the flowers in the breeze.

Proud Sheep

One of Bob and Ann Barowski's handsome sheep.   Love the attitude and attention.

Summer cow

I think this cow had decided that I wasn't going to give her anything worth her time to eat, so she was looking around for anything more interesting than me.

It was a funny summer for farmers.  Late to get the first cutting of hay in and some of the second cutting was ready before the first was done.  Norris's farm on South Road shows the difference in color of the aged gold of first cutting waiting for a sunny day and the brilliant green of the second cutting.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Poppies IV

Summer arrived for real today with 90 degree weather and the smell of just cut hay.  Enjoy it all!

Huntington Swamp

If this body of water was near the Cape or on the Rhode Island shore, it would be a marsh.  But it's in Huntington on Route 66 so I guess it's a swamp.  There's no difference except for maybe there will be crows here instead of seagulls and the water shouldn't be salty.  They're both beautiful in their own way and a pleasure to paint.